Amaran Matrix Lighting Explained

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Matrix Lighting Technology

Now that our new Amaran LED Video Light is on the market and in the hands of customers, we’d like to explain the Matrix Lighting technology that makes it so special.

Amaran uses two different types of bulbs: one at a narrow 25 degree angle, and one at at wider 60 degree angle. This ensures that you can pull off shots and videos of both wide angle and zoomed-in telephoto scenes.

Furthermore, light levels at both ends of the zoom spectrum tested (28mm and 200mm) are roughly the same, so when you’re zooming in during video while shooting in manual mode, you’ll get the same exposure.

Watch our new video explaining everything…

Here’s a few photos (frame grabs from the video) below for further clarification.

Dual Bulb Angles

Effective At Wide Angles

Effective At Telephoto


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