Apple introduces new Macbook Air and iLife ’11

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Apple has just announced a new, smaller and lighter version of it’s MacBook Air, along with a new iLife ’11 suite. They are interesting to photographers for several reasons…

The new MacBook Air features an 11″ screen, as opposed to the original 13″ screen. Aside from the iPad (which is not really a fully functional computer), Apple has not had a computer to compete against “netbooks” from other manufacturers. These computers pack a heavy punch and are popular with all kinds of people wanting a small, light, convenient package. I always wondered why they made the MacBook air only in a 13″ package, the same as the original MacBook. Now, they have something approaching a netbook with a smaller form factor.

A few reasons why the new Air might be of interest to photographers:

  • It’s the smallest Apple computer to date, good for bringing on the road
  • It features a flash hard drive, which is much more stable than a traditional ATA hard drive
  • It has a USB port, good for directly downloading your files in the field
  • It has up to twice the storage of an iPad

11" MacBook Air

iLife ’11 of course contains a new version of iPhoto, which despite being an amateur program, seems to be getting better and better with every update. In fact, I like the interface and larger buttons of iPhoto over Aperture (although Aperture will always be used for serious photography needs). A few new tricks up the iPhoto ’11 sleeve:

  • New full screen modes (catching up with Aperture on this one)
  • Better Facebook integration. For example, you can browse all of your albums, post pictures on your wall, update your profile picture, and more, directly from iPhoto.
  • Advanced emailing, slideshow, book and card-making possibilities.

iPhoto '11

The new iMovie ’11 should also be of interest to aspiring videographers, for it packs a bunch of new features including audio editing, movie trailers, quick effects, faces, and more.

Mac OSX Lion

In other news, Apple has also announced the development of its newest version of Mac OSX: Lion. It’ll be out in summer of 2011. If the price stays the same at $29 for a single copy (or $49 for a family pack), how can you go wrong? All in all, a pretty exciting day for Apple fans.

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