Gigtube Wireless Video from Photokina

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The fine folks at Megapixel in Israel stopped by our booth at Photokina in Cologne to take a look at our latest product, the Gigtube Wireless. They’ve put together a short video talking to us about the product. Have a look here:

Since their website is in Hebrew, we’ve translated the blog post (with the help of Google, of course):

“Photokina this year featured not only cameras but also many auxiliary products for photographers. Team MegaPixel roamed the exhibition floors and encountered a number of interesting companies. One of them is a Chinese developer by the name of Aputure.

The company introduced a new product called the Gigtube Wireless Digital Viewfinder. It has rather interesting technology that sends the picture in real time (live-view) to an external screen, by way of a transmitter affixed to the hot shoe of the camera.

The Gigtube Wireless comes in several models that are compatible with different cameras, such as Nikon, Canon, Olympus (full table can be found here). The kit comes with a 3.5″ VGA screen, and should have a higher resolution (editor’s note: we’re working on it :) with integrated sun shield and rechargeable 1200 mAh lithium ion batteries.

The device has a stated range of 100 meters, and at the exhibition we had a brief demo and the device seemed to work without difficulty. Beyond that, it’s a standard wireless remote control screen that lets you shoot the picture shown on the screen. Unfortunately, we could not get a price from a company representative (prices are set by dealers and different in each market, but the European price is around 300 Euros), but this video gives a brief explanation of what the product can actually do for you.”

Stay tuned for more reviews on the Gigtube Wireless, our hottest new product.

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