Interlink Triggering Mode on a Wedding Dancefloor

A few weeks ago, my good buddies got married. As a wedding gift, I decided to bring along my camera along with a bag full of triggers, allowing people to take their own photos. I decided that the dancefloor would yield the best results, as people would be loosened up by then. I also chose this location because the LED lights were throwing nice colors in the background, making for more warm and varying images.

It was a perfect time to put our Trigmaster Plus system to use. I used mostly a bunch of old Trigmaster Plus units which I had lying around the studio. I also included one II unit, just to show how easily they work together. I dumped a bunch of the triggers on the table in front of the dancefloor, and it was pretty easy to get pictures thereafter.

The Setup

Camera: Canon 50D + Trigmaster Plus as transceiver.

Flash: Nikon SB700 + Trigmaster Plus II as receiver.

Triggers: 4x Trigmaster Plus units as transmitters.

The Flash + Instructions

using some triggers from Aputure where i work part time

The Setup © Ay0 Chan

The Camera + Party People


Wedding Party People © Ayo Chan

The Pictures

(look closely and you will see the triggers in their hands)


Trigger in Hand © Jesse Warren

they were looking at the flash instead of the camera -)

Seb & Jo © Jesse Warren


Three Dudes © Jesse Warren


The Girls © Jesse Warren


Group Photo © Jesse Warren


Three of a different kind © Jesse Warren


The groom’s parents – confused © Jesse Warren


Wine bottles on the head? Sure. © Jesse Warren 

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