June 2014 Photo Contest Winner- The Wait

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The June monthly photo contest winner has been announced today. Bhaskar Dutta’s image of “The Wait” dominated the competition with the most votes from online fans and Aputure team. Congratulations to winner Bhaskar Dutta!

So Bhaskar Dutta will get $80 of free prize from Aputure store. Though we can’t see all comments for the contest, I have to say all contestants are very great.

To enter our monthly photo contests, simply join the Aputure Group on Flickr and add photos to our pool.

Good luck next month!

1st Place

The Wait

The Wait © Bhaskar Dutta

“As I grow up, nostalgia becomes a narrow stamp. I am here and my mother is there.” We are separate and each wait for each to come back. Are you waiting for your children, your spouse or your parents? We can be personally on the scene to experience with this loner.


2nd Place

At the End

At the End © zPRIME

At the end of the day, end of the wharf, end of the garage or end of the cigar? The photographer noted that he’s a native of western North Carolina and the general “guy” behind a metal working artist with amazing art in the court yard. It seems that he is a kick ass guy.


3rd Place


Conversation © Tapas Mohanty

Conversation is a form of interactive, spontaneous communication between two or more people. A naughty boy and a homelss gammer may not talk about some philosophic questions, but their eyes, gestures and expressions can better voice the more authentic hearts.


Honorable Mention

Potrait of A Man at Pune

Potrait of A Man at Pune © Krishna Gopal

With swarthy skin, white whiskers, penetrating eyes and unique dress, this experienced old man makes us associate him with many hard stories. Be hopeful after suffering the difficulties and hardships. No complaint, no give up.


Honorable Mention

Bonalu - A Woman under Trance

Bonalu – A Woman under Trance © Satish Chelluri

You can dance attractively even you are not slim enough. You can live happily even you are in a poor status. No one can stop you from enjoying life. Do and live as you want.


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