Luminous Winterscapes

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Despite the fact that we are in the dead of summer in the Northern Hemisphere…beautiful winter photography is beautiful, no matter what. This recent article  on Luminous Landscape caught our eyes, because we too recently have experienced shooting in -30C weather previously this winter (more on that later) Ben Hattenbach writes a wonderful article where he describes his experiences shooting in the frigid Alaskan Arctic. And shares some absolutely amazing  photos to boot. Here’s the conclusion of his photographic journey:

“My visit to the north was trying at times, but exceptionally rewarding and well worth the effort. The weather was cooperative, with temperatures that hovered around -20 oF and bottomed out at a mere -40 oF. I saw thousands of animals, none of which even attempted to eat me, and the most brilliant arourae of my life. My cameras and I made it all the way to Deadhorse and back, unscathed, and we’re hoping to return next winter. This is, of course, not a journey suited for everyone. To those of you compelled to photograph dramatic and rarely visited landscapes, in good physical condition, and willing to invest the energy necessary to prepare appropriately for an excursion of this sort, however, I encourage you to conduct further research and seriously consider visiting this corner of the world yourself.”

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Bird of Paradise © Ben Hattenbach

Another passage from the article that we found interesting was this one, emphasizing the importance of light:

“The arctic offers photographers far more than unusual terrain and wildlife. It offers exceptional light. During the winter, the sun remains low on the horizon throughout most of the day – that is, on the days where the sun rises at all. The golden hours last far longer than they do down south, often for multiple hours twice a day. The clarity of the atmosphere is also remarkable. One can often see for hundreds of miles, and the colors at sunrise and sunset are frequently more vivid than those in subarctic regions. This combination of ingredients creates the perfect storm for memorable landscape photography.”

Luminous Landscape is one of our favorite photography websites. They produce in-depth tutorials, reviews and essays on a range of subjects. It’s a shame they don’t update more often; but when they do, such as this time, it’s always a treat. Ben Hattenbach, surprisingly, is not a photographer, but a lawyer…with a very keen eye for good photographs. More of his work can be seen at

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