March Photo of the Month by Clinton Brandhagen

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The winner of the March photo contest comes as a bit of a surprise (to me personally), but the winner is no less deserving. Funny enough, the popular vote exactly mirrors the Aputure vote, for the first time ever.

I was expecting either the 2nd or 4th place images to come out on top, with their out of the ordinary creativity. But Clinton Brandhagen’s masterfully executed portrait claimed the top spot by a healthy margin.

A lot of winners don’t necessarily have anything to do with lighting, but his obviously has a “strobist” heavy approach, utilizing what seems to be a complex lighting arrangement, which we always applaud and support in our photo contests.

Clinton gets $50 of free shwag from the Aputure store.

1st place

Oberon S. Tarboosh © Clinton Brandhagen

Oberon S. Tarboosh © Clinton Brandhagen

2nd place

Constructive © Wilson Hurst

3rd place

Hollywood Star © Maryam Alvarado Molina

Hollywood Star © Maryam Molina

Honorable Mention

Money Shot © Maxwell McCrady

Honorable Mention

Cabbage Patch © Laura Marie

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