Photokina 2012 Show Report – 5 Notable Cameras

Photokina 2012 is all wrapped up, and we saw a ton of great new releases.

We touched on some of the most exciting products (including the 6D vs D600) in our preview – see that here.

Now, we will wrap up the show by taking a look at a few goodies that didn’t hog the spotlight, but nonetheless push the photographic envelope.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G

Packing a massive 21x zoom (WHY???), its the first Android powered camera to offer not only wifi but also 3G or 4G connectivity. No phone, but you do have VoIP apps such as Skype available. Send your photos immediately to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc. We can see this being a trendsetter, and wonder when DSLRs will finally catch on…


Leica M ©

Leica improves its full-frame digital rangefinder by adding live-view and movie capabilities, and simplifies the name to just “M” – including all future releases. At $7,000, you’ll need deep pockets for this one.


Panasonic GH3 ©

Panasonic is taking the video market seriously, and as such has beefed up its flagship mirrorless model, going after pro video shooters. The GH3 includes not only a new sensor and larger weather proof body, but also a host of video-friendly features, including full HD video at 60p, 3.5mm mic jack, headphone socket, multiple compression options, and timecode support. The only limiting feature for shooters such as myself is the half-size sensor lacking the super-shallow depth of field of larger sensors.


Olympus XZ-2 ©

For lovers of enthusiast compact cameras, this is a very excited update from Olympus. The original XZ-1 was much loved for its fast aperture 1.8 lens. The new model carries on with that and more – including a touch & tilt screen, optional grips, improved control dial around the ring, and a new sensor. It’s an exciting time to be a compact camera user – there’s lots of great options to choose from.


Nikon S800c @

Like the Samsung, this one is a smartphone-camera hybrid without the phone, but this Nikon packs a more reasonable 10x zoom (25-250mm). It runs on Gingerbread as opposed to the Samsungs Jellybean, but carries an impressive 2GB of internal memory. Again, this is the future of cameras…DSLRs take note.




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