The Field Monitor: Don’t get caught without one!

The Field Monitor: Don’t get caught without one!

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If you spend money on anything, be it rental or bought, an on-set monitor is essential to any shoot. Not only does it give you a better idea of what the actual image will look like, but a great monitor will also come equipped with tools such as a histogram and focus assist. The V-Screen VS-2 and V-Screen VS-3 come with those tools and much more. Their 7 inch design make it perfect for run and gun shoots. It can easily be rigged onto any camera, compact enough to not weigh down a handheld shot.


Excellent Image matters

First, let’s talk about the image. Camera companies, be it Canon or Red, spend very very little money on the monitor attached to the camera. Why? All the value and money goes to the technology used for the sensor. Now, that’s definitely not a bad thing. We want our image to be the best it can be, therefore, the sensor and the mechanics of the camera come first. However, to better assess a shot for exposure, color, and contrast, one needs to have a decent monitor on-set at all times. Don’t cripple yourself by solely relying on the monitor on the camera because it will not render the results you want.

Second, you need to have a monitor for your Camera Assistant and Director! It’s alright if your shoot is small. But allowing the director to view the image is an essential part of collaboration, especially if you have never worked with that director before. Furthermore, your camera assistant will thank you for providing a monitor for them to use. Many shots, especially in smaller run and gun shoots, are taken on the fly due to time constraints. Giving your camera assistant a monitor will help them set up an image for you to view and pull focus.

Any new monitor is an adjustment. Some have different image quality than others due to the technology behind it. A monitor, be it big or small, will help you clearly view the image and assist you in assessing the shot. Be on the lookout for the Tips & Tricks article for the VS-2 and VS-3 coming next week!

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