Trigmaster Plus II Review Roundup

Here is a collection of reviews from the Trigmaster Plus II, which we recently released.

Read on to see what the pros think…

Lighting Essentials Review

From the review:

“Wow…Have you ever gotten a product that made so much sense to you that you think it was made to order? That is how I feel about these Trigmaster Plus II’s from Aputure.”


Tony Yang Review

From the review:

“I can’t wait to start shooting weddings with the Plus II and not worry about guests knocking into my flash and changing the channels. The setup is so easy it makes your lighting kit extremely portable and fast. I might start using my Speedlights more often than my AlienBees.”

Trigmaster Plus II © Tony Yang

© Tony Yang

Lighting Rumours Review

From the review:

“The Aputure Trigmaster Plus IIs sync up to your cameras maximum sync speed, trigger a variety of cameras and lights with a simple-to-use interface. If you are looking for a trigger that does just that, without having to mess around with things like E-TTL/i-TTL and HyperSync, then having these in your kit bag would certainly help you out.”

Trigmaster Plus II Review © Lighting Rumours

Lecciones de Fotografia Review

TMP2Clip01VimeoIng from Jose Jacobo on Vimeo.

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