Tutorial: Junkyard Truck HDR – Revisited

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The winner of our photo contest last month, zPrime, was kind enough to share how he made the shot, in quite detail. If you wanna get into HDR photography and off-camera lighting (which can really bring out higher dynamic range), this is for you. Take a look at the photo, then read on below…

“I use a combination of Apeture products such as flash fill, gels, and a set of triggers. Specifically, AP-TR3C intervolmeter (take a look at my time lapse film – latest post), Amaran LED for fill from a distance w/ a modified rig of having the ability to slide in gels with a flash stand to keep it upright away from the shot for fill, and a set of Aputure TrigMaster for remote work I’m doing now. I’m turning into a strobbist, after all!! I use an off camera hookup with my 430 and 230EX Canon flashes.

So as for the image produced for this month. I took three shots (+1/0/+1) using bracketing on my 5D Mark II w/ my Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 and sandwhiched them in Nik HDREfex w/ some Photoshop and Lightroom for hightlight work and detail enhancement in the clouds. Additionally in a second shot I had fill with a blue gel over the LED approximately 10ft away for fill (no flash was used). I believe the ISO was 100 (usual for me) @ f/11, which the bracketing was done at f/8 for more dramatic affect. The Zeiss performs well at f/11 w/ very little softness. The time of the image was approximately 6:45 – 7PM PST on Oct 6th? right as the sun was blowing up the sky.

I use a metal tripod from Gitzo with a carbon fiber center to dampon the virbatrions that happen in the desert areas of California and Texas when we do late day and night photography. Metal legs = stabilitily and stiffness, while the carbon fiber center column accounts for vibrtation reduction.

I used the LED and intervolemeter you guys make in order to accomplish about 99% of what I want to do with stand alone fill light w/ gels and its my primary remote. I have three .. but prefer what your company makes. I own three, if that says anything – one is a ProMote ($300) … so that should say something.”

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