2017 Aputure NAB Giveaway



How to Win Free Aputure Gear at NAB 2017!

Aputure is proud to be hosting some of the greatest filmmaking experts as they teach their best behind-the-scenes tricks to cinematography. We're also going to be giving away Aputure gear to one lucky attendee at the end of every class. All you have to do to enter is register online in the online Aputure store. By doing this, you'll immediately be given a unique code in your email. Then after that, all you have to do is showing an Aputure staff member that code onsite in our booth C9018 and you will receive a raffle ticket.
We'll be calling out raffle ticket numbers three times a day at the end of every celebrity master class. So hold onto your ticket, stick around and stay tuned!
Booth No: C9018

Aputure Guest Schedule and Giveaways at NAB:

MONDAY (April 24th)

9:30AM: Aputure Live-Stream: What's New?w/ Ted Sim

11AM: Lighting Control w/ Tom Antos

Prize: LS1/2w V-Mount

2PM: How to Create Oscar-Worthy Cinematography w/ Matt Workman

Prize: LS C120d V-Mount

4PM:How to Make Videos look like Hollywood Movies w/ Corridor Digital

Prize: LS1s V-Mount

TUESDAY (April 25th)

11AM: How to Master Every Type of Light w/ Cinematography Database

Prize: LS1/2w V-Mount

2PM: Advanced Cinematography: Thinking Outside the Box: w/ Julia Swain

Prize: DEC Vari-ND

4PM: The Best of Corridor Digital: Lighting Breakdown

Prize: LS C120d V-Mount


WEDNESDAY (April 26th)

9:30AM: Aputure Facebook Live Q&A w/ Ted Sim

11AM: WavReport Sound Panel: Cinematic Audio w/ Andrew Jones

Prize: Deity Location Kit

2PM:How to Get the Perfect Shot w/ Tom Antos

Prize: DEC Vari-ND

4PM: How to Light for Sci-Fi w/ Cinematography Database

Prize: LS C120d V-Mount

THURSDAY (April 27th)

11AM:Creating the Filmmaker's Life w/ Tom Antos

Prize: Deity Location Kit